fundraising success
fundraising success

The Future of Your Fundraising Success

High Impact Nonprofit Advisors are architects of the future of your fundraising success. Meaning, we know how fundraising is changing. For instance, we've listened to thousands of donors. As a result, we deeply understand their ideas about nonprofit impact. Secondly, we also have relationships with leading nonprofit technology companies. Thus, we have our fingers on the pulse of change.

Fundraising achievements in today's environment can mean many things. We understand how ideas such as impact investing, crowdfunding, and blockchain are bringing enormous shifts. As a result, we are a firm that does not view fundraising achievements through only traditional methods.

Fundraising Success With Us

High Impact Nonprofit Advisors serves a wide variety of organizations. As a result, we help them meet their strategic goals, and that means fundraising success. We enjoy working with small to large clients that are passionate about their mission. We've partnered with start-up groups to established charities with worldwide affiliates, such as Special Olympics. That said, we understand that every nonprofit brings its own challenges and opportunities. So, we make it a point to treat every group as unique.

Fundraising success has evolved with new metrics. And, fundraisers need to know how donors are leading the change, along with technology.

  • Paul D'Alessandro himself will be driven by your mission. Above all, he is a bright and sensitive man of integrity who will be an excellent partner in your endeavors.
    Rev. Thomas A. Pesci
    S.J. Administrator
  • Coaches know good coaching. Consequently, Paul D'Alessandro has great ideas, and to this day, is a valuable resource for our executive director.
    Tom Coughlin
    President and Chairman
  • Paul D'Alessandro is a highly qualified fundraiser with a great deal of integrity as part of the process. Most noteworthy, he would rather do it right and do it with integrity.
    Jerry Mallor
    Executive Vice President
  • At a critical juncture during the early days of Wounded Warrior Project, Paul D'Alessandro and his team provided strategic guidance and planning.
    Adam Silva
    Chief Development Officer

A History of Nonprofit Fundraising Success

We've worked with arts, cultural, and healthcare groups for fundraising success. Also, clients include secondary schools, colleges, universities, social service organizations, churches, and other faith-based groups. Find out what High Impact Nonprofit Advisors can do for you to ensure that you obtain the success that you seek today and in the future. We have the experience based on thousands of personal solicitations and the proof with over $1 billion raised. You can change the direction of your organization; contact us today.


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