Our Fundraising Programs

High Impact Nonprofit Advisors offers programs to ensure your success. As a result of the experience, we have high impact fundraising programs to offer you. Take a read, and then give us a call at 201-788-9847 to have a no-obligation discussion.

Through our different types of fundraising programs, we've helped our clients raise over $4 billion.


Feasibility studies and capital campaigns

If your nonprofit, group, or institution is preparing for a capital campaign, work with the experts. Due to the digital world and new donor intent, fundraising has changed. As a result, we've developed methods that support our clients in a new paradigm and campaign fundraising program.
Check out our guide on How to Prepare for a Capital Campaign.
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Development Assessments

Because of the big changes happening in the world of fundraising, fundraisers must operate differently. In other words, technology and donor interests have radically changed fundraising. This fundraising program helps you understand your strengths and opportunities to boost your results in the real and digital worlds.

Harvest Development Fundraising Program

Faith-based nonprofits and groups have additional elements when fundraising. But, they too have to evolve with what's happening as donor ideas, thinking, and technology change. This fundraising program will help you achieve success, but also stay true to your fundamental beliefs.
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Strategic Solicitations Fundraising Program

Donors expect impact almost immediately. And, the rising competition of companies in the social good space creates a more competitive environment. Therefore, major gift and planned giving work have evolved. This fundraising program offers an innovative and hands-on plan for strategic gifts. If you are interested in more of what Paul has to say, check out NonProfit PRO.

High Impact Fundraising Coaching and Bootcamps

This fundraising program is all about high impact. We'll tailor one-on-one coaching for your fundraising team. Or, you can also join one of our bootcamp sessions with other groups. In other words, this is your chance to learn more about development and fundraising success. As a result of coaching or a bootcamp session, you'll learn about planning, leadership, case development, and prospecting.
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